Support Maturity

All companies have a requirement for some level of information systems. This requirement varies based on the company’s need for reliable systems and its need for new information systems. Companies that have implemented Enterprise applications like SAP® have a world class information system but now struggle to maintain or have failed to achieve the Return on Investment (ROI) that they were promised.

One of the issues preventing companies from achieving their ROI is the struggle of aligning their SAP® support organization with their business’ need for reliable information systems. Reliability is one of many components contained within the Support Maturity model. The alignment of a business’ requirements for support and the ability of the support organization to deliver at a given maturity level, continues to impede a company’s ability to realize its full potential.

As the business focuses on meeting its goals and objectives, the support organization must be able support the business users. Support Maturity suggest that support organizations need to provide real tangible value to the business by; meeting project timeline commitments, delivering revolutionary business changing features and functionality, and actively pursuing continuous improvement of business processes, all which will help the business attain its business goals and objectives

Support Maturity Quadrants

The road to support improvement and alignment is through Support Maturity. This is measured by an organization’s ability to move through the Support Maturity Quadrants (see diagram) and be able to accurately target and measure progress towards business value. By proactively managing support, the organization is able to better control the business and its associated risks.

We have translated support best practices into a methodology that has a singular goal: to help companies achieve value, our sustainable Value support (sVs) methodology will guide and transform your current Enterprise Application support allowing your business to transform itself into a world class strategic competitor.

What is your Support Maturity Like? Try the self-assessment.


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