Support on Demand

Does your support service drive value into your ERP investment?

In today’s competitive landscape, no organization can afford to experience ongoing issues associated with their ERP system. Typical SAP® support organizations keep the systems up and running but deviate from best practices; complicating the overall functionality over time.

Symptoms experienced by the organization’s ERP users include:

  • Missed Commitments – Unable to solve business issues when promised.
  • Incorrect or Incomplete solutions – The final resolution to problems is either incorrect or incomplete.
  • Users are surprised by the solutions and the changes and requirements to utilize them
  • Backlog of changes and issues continue to grow with little or no progress
  • Every issue seems to be solved through the use of custom development (programs and transactions)
  • Users work alone and struggle to solve their own issue.

We asked the obvious question: Why haven’t support organizations evolved at the speed that ERP systems have? Why can’t organizations choose support that improves their world?

Our answer: Support on Demand.

Support on Demand goes against the grain, and takes the criticisms of typical support models into account. By using our cutting edge sustainable Value support methodology (sVs), Q Data USA is delivering Support on Demand by:

  • Aligning your support with your business’ goals and objectives
  • Through a predictable controlled cost model
  • Delivering quality solutions for your business users
  • Using a dedicated and experienced support team
  • Addressing the challenges and struggles faced running SAP ® applications

Our guarantee is that your organization will gain strategic support advantages, your SAP ® system will stabilize over time, and your organization will experience the value a functional ERP solution can deliver. This will lead to a stronger and unified business and support teams focused on delivering value through increased profitability, better operational efficiencies, and improve capital investments.



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