SAP Event Management Use Cases – Part 2

In my 1st blog on use cases for SAP EM we took you through some of the use case for SAP TM, GTS and SNC as well as the highly popular Track and Trace where folks simply want to know, from their carriers or freight forwarders, that their goods are on time… Seems simple but SAP EM is the standard tool provided for by SAP to provide this functionality. Now let’s take a look at a few more use cases. Continue reading


Webinar: Supply Chain Maturity (5/30 @ 11am CST)

Title: Vendor Compliance, scorecards, EDI and Supply Chain Maturity! Scary or Logical?

Date: 5/30/2013 at 11am CST

Description: In this session we will run through a typical end-to-end supplier EDI process describing the integration points with ECC and how they relate to EDI. In addition we will describe how you can leverage little known standard tools to report on this partner interaction addressing issues as they arise.

Speaker: Kevin Wilson

Kevin Wilson

Kevin Wilson

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