SAP Event Management Use Cases – Part 1

I often get asked how we can leverage SAP Event Management functionality. This is a great question because, after all, SAP EM is a tool that is delivered with SAP to provide end-to-end business process visibility and exception management. Much like you would leverage a workflow solution to enforce certain activities to take place at the right time by the right people, SAP EM is a tool to provide for this process visibility and exception management. Every Enterprise Architect should have SAP EM as an option in their toolkit. Continue reading


Today’s #SCM2014 Conference Activity in Nice!

Ask the Experts will take place today at 4pm. Kevin Wilson will be available to talk about SAP Event Management, SAP Transportation Management and supply chain visibility.
Kevin Wilson at SCM 2014 Nice


Supply Chain World magazine – Q Data article on Transportation Management published

I recently collaborated with Elizabeth Vail to write an article around how Q Data approaches implementing value-add solutions to their customers in the Supply Chain space. With our Supply Chain Extended Solutions (ES+) practice focusing directly on this area we cover how value can be brought in to the supply chain if you adopt the right solution, implemented using the right methodology… To read the full article go to Supply Chain World Magazine – Connecting the Dots Article.

SAP TM and EM Flipboard magazine

Here is a link to the SAP TM and EM magazine as displayed on Flipboard. I do a daily search for SAP EM and TM related articles and collect them in this on-line magazine. Feel free to browse if you are interested in the same subject…

SAP Plans Delivery of Accelerated Reporting and Real-Time Information for Supply Chain Customers

SAP is really focussed on SAP HANA these days and with this news announcement showing SAP APO running on HANA it shows their intent on moving their Supply Chain solutions on HANA. I would imagine SAP TM and EM will follow shortly for HANA releases this year but mainly providing real-time analytics using the HANA technology leaving the actual solution running outside of an optimized HANA codebase.