Serialized Track and Trace

The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) is coming – Are you prepared?

Do you have a need to track your serialized product as it moves through the supply chain?

Is there a need to know where your product has been? Who has handled it, where and when? Has the status always been a valid one?

With the introduction of certain government (DSCSA as an example) and company mandates there is an increasing need to track serialized products throughout all stages of the supply chain. Even without the mandates in place it makes pure business sense to enact the tracing ability of your serialized product so that you can effectively manage your supply chain from supply all the way to fulfilling the demand of the customer with a good customer experience all along the way.

Product Recalls

No business anticipates the need for a product recall, but they must be prepared to handle one if a product needs one. In the wake of a product recall, will you know where your products are at the time of the recall? A product recall of both individual items and batches of product can cost your company far more than is required as a result of the inability to act fast, or in a targeted manner, in the event of a recall.


Quality Assurance

Many companies face the challenge of having to maintain certain quality and quantity measurements (such as temperature and weight) of their product throughout the supply chain. At minimum it is the requirement from the customer, but it is also probably also a federal requirement. Failure to comply could sabotage the product and ultimately be detrimental to your customer base and their customers.

Product Authentication

Product counterfeiting is becoming more prevalent in today’s expanded global Supply Chain. There are more points that counterfeit products can infiltrate a legitimate supply chain. Protecting your brand is critical. Protect your brand by taking the necessary measures to authenticate your product. In addition, you may want to detect when your product is illegally sold in certain prohibited locations. E.g. Different countries leverage different taxes making the same product cheaper to procure in one country from another. With a serialized track and trace solution in place you can detect when a product procured in a certain country has been sold in another country, one in which it was not allowed to sold.


The SAP product suite contains 4 separate solutions that, when put together, provide for the end-to-end Serialized Track and Trace Process:

  1. SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure (AII) is the standard solution for consuming barcodes and RFID tags from device controllers, matching them with their corresponding integrated business processes and sending the detailed observations to the OER for storage and reporting.
  2. The Object Event Repository (OER) consumes the events sent by AII and then allows for the querying of this data via web services. It also plays the role of the central provisionary for your enterprise number range management in the event that you commission labels and tags with unique Identifiers.
  3. SAP NetWeaver PI allows 3rd party solutions to add events to the tracked process and allows authorized partners to query the details of the applicable serialized item. Access is performed using an enterprise web service call compliant with the GS1 EPCglobal EPCIS standard.
  4. SAP Global Batch Traceability (GBT) is a new solution provided by SAP that gives an enterprise wide view on your batch genealogy with links to your serialized information. SAP GBT allows you to analyze the repercussion of a bad batch from a top-down and bottom-up view with a single click. I.e. You can see the extent of an issue and allows you to focus on particular products for a target recall, as an example. By integrating the serial number with the OER you could potentially understand where in the logistics cycle each of the affected products are as of now.


By implementing this solution, clients can experience immediate benefits including:

  • Improved visibility to the status and location of serialized products (Tracking)
  • Improved reaction and scoped of product recalls
  • Ability to provide a Chain of Custody for a serialized product flowing through your supply chain (Tracing)
  • Improved customer service through publishing the track and trace details to them in a real-time basis
  • Vastly improved reporting on batch genealogy leading to much more focused recalls, holds and withdrawals



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