Sales Order Status Visibility

Gaining status visibility to your critical orders

Keep track of your high value sample products

In today’s competitive market, improving the protection of your brand and intellectual property is more important than ever. Ensuring that the samples and prototypes shipped to third parties are handled by authorized persons, and do not find their way in to the open market prematurely, is critical for some businesses. Knowing who has the product at any point in time and when it should be returned is key to affectively managing these types of processes.

End-customers are typically under contractual obligation to maintain custody and “secrecy” over prototype and sample products. Sample tracking will improve visibility of the customer’s performance. It will provide insight as to when the customer received the product and more importantly, when you can expect to receive feedback and the product’s return to your hands.

Collecting user feedback of sampled items can be time sensitive and critical for product advancement. By monitoring when products are expected to be returned, and giving the customer advance warning of such dates, you can ensure that you have complete visibility around the compliance to these goals and hold the responsible parties accountable for any discrepancies.

This improved ability of ensuring that a product has been returned also doubles as a method to prevent end-customers from violating contracts of sample use. Eliminate the “leak” of not yet released product features that may be new and prevent these end-customers from passing along the product to unauthorized personnel.


Where Is My Order?

Leveraging a standard SAP Supply Chain tool call SAP Event Management we are able to track the Order To Cash (OTC) process and assign a status to it along the way as and when events occur or do not occur according to the plan.

WIMO Flow Diagram

WIMO Flow Diagram

Allow your Order To Cash process to execute against the plan and only step in when exceptions occur. With WIMO in place your reps will always have the latest order status, down to the line level, at their fingertips.

WIMO Report

WIMO Report

When the time comes for the sample product to be returned and the receipt is not received, SAP Event Management triggers a workflow for the applicable rep to approach the customer for the return of the product. Nothing is left to chance…


  • Improved brand protection through tighter controls of samples
  • Improved visibility over your sample products. You can track where each product is at any point in time
  • Customer performance KPIs are measured and can be leveraged during contract negotiation
  • Proactive alerting when samples are not returned on time
  • Proactive warning messages are sent to customers informing them of a pending return notice of a particular sample

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