TIP: SAP EM Overdue Monitor Performance Notes

Kinjal, our SAP EM superstar compiled a short list of tips for improving the process of monitor your overdue events in SAP Event Management.

  • You can use /SAPTRX/EE_MONITOR_ADVANCED program instead of /SAPTRX/EE_MONITOR.
    • How to improve performance using /SAPTRX/EE_MONITOR_ADVANCED program.
      1. Use option – Use only Expected Event Date (Make sure that EE MONITOR activity profile is considering only Expected event date to check overdue)
      2. Selection Options – If EE Monitor profile activity is not using either of control, info, system or Event Message then check all the box) For example – IF EE Monitor profile is using control parameter ZEM_PLANT to check expected event PGI for overdue then make sure not to check control parameter box and select rest others.
    • This program will help improve performance substantially as mentioned below:
      1. Event Date From and To:
        • This will reduce the selection of records for a certain date and time to check overdue expected events (TO check overdue in the last 1 hour or 1 day)
      2. Internal Event Code:
        • This will reduce the selection further to event level for which the overdue need to check (If Delivery event handler is having 4 expected events then it will just look for one mentioned in selection criteria)
        • You can schedule parallel EE_MONITOR_PACK jobs based on events to reduce the runtime of the job
      3. Additionally you can perform the steps that I mentioned above to improve performance using program /SAPTRX/EE_MONITOR_ADVANCED.

If you would like more details please feel free to discuss with Kinjal directly at krathod@qdatausa.com.


Quality Data, Quality Business – Is your data making or losing money for your business?

Join Q Data USA for the upcoming webinar series, Quality Data, Quality Business – Is your data making or losing money for your business? The series will begin on January 16, 2014 at 11:00 AM CST and continue throughout the month of January.

The following session topics are:

Master Data Quality – The Journey

Presenter: Malan Barnard

Date : 1/16/2014 11:00AM CST

The first webinar in this series will focus on: SAP’s journey – going up the Gartner Quadrant, Different areas of focus – supply chain, finance, sales and distribution and more, real life scenarios, people and process.

SAP’s Solutions to Improve Data

Presenter: Malan Barnard

Date:1/23/2014 11:00 AM CST

The second webinar in this series will focus on SAP Tools and functional overview of: SAP IS, SAP MDG vs MDM, and SAP DS.

The Business Case to Implement MDG, IS and DS

Presenter: Malan Barnard

Date : 1/30/2014 11:00 CST

The final webinar in this series will focus on: Describe the business the problem, Deployment and Integration Scenarios, Typical IS Project (Resources, Effort, Steps), Typical MDG Project (Resources, Effort, Steps), and Typical DS Project (Resources, Effort, Steps).


To register for these webinar sessions, please visit the Q Data USA Resource Page.

TIP: ABAP code to add an Idoc to your application object

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TIP: Processing sequence of a SAP EM event message

I’ve been asked many times over when things are processed as an event get’s posted in to SAP EM. E.g. When does event validation occur and what does it cover? When is event pre-processing called or EH generation? Well I put together the attached document to describe the process in detail. If the document makes no sense and your interested in SAP EM then reach out to me. Here is the link to the PDF document: Processing sequence when posting a SAP EM event