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SAP Track and Trace in the Pharma Industry

On March 12th, Q Data USA hosted the 1st Annual Serialized Track and Trace seminar that focused on the pharmaceutical industry. As a follow up, the month of April will feature additional live webinar events regarding Serialized Track and Trace. Click here to register for the following sessions. Webinars begin on Thursdays at 11:00 AM CST. Continue reading


Serialization Seminar completed – Sessions available for download

The Serialized Track and Trace Seminar held on 12th March 2014 was well attended and served up some great views in to the Pharma world and in particular the impact of the DSCSA on companies out there.

  • Bill Fletcher delivered some great points taking the attendees through the passing of the new law and the implications surrounding it.
    • What does the Drug Quality and Security Act of 2013 (DQSA), formerly referred to as HR 3204, mean to you? (Download)
    • What strategies and solutions should you be considering for Supply Chain efficiencies and regulatory compliance? (Download)
  • Stephen Cloughley delivered 2 topics covering SAP’s targeted solution for Pharma and serialization; and the second one on batch traceability covering their new SAP Global Batch Traceability tool.
    • Solutions to help with Supply Chain efficiencies for serialized items. (Download)
    • A detailed look at SAP Global Batch Traceability. (Download)
  • James Tucker took us through Darwin’s law of Serialization from an implementation standpoint. Very interesting take on the topic.
    • Implementation considerations for global serialization. (Download)
  • Guido Rijcken and Kevin Wilson covered SAP’s track and trace solution in more detail.
    • An overview of SAP’s Track and Trace Solution with a focus on SAP EM. (Download)
    • Looking in depth at SAP OER and SAP AII. (Download)
    • Extending SAP’s Serialized Track and Trace solution with Verifier Suite. (Download)

Feel free to download and view each of the sessions if you missed them… Continue reading

Serialized Track and Trace Seminar - March 12th

FREE Serialized Track and Trace Seminar starts tomorrow 12th March

Starts tomorrow March 12th. 8 sessions packed on useful information on DSCSA, SAP OER / AII / GBT / EM, Implementation experience… Focused specifically on the Pharma industry and a second track on the SAP solutions provided for Serialized and Batch Track and Trace.

To register click here.

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What does the Drug Quality and Security Act of 2013 (DQSA), formerly referred to as HR 3204, mean to you?

On November 27, 2013 H.R. 3204 was signed into US Federal law as the Drug Quality and Security Act of 2013 (DQSA). Among other things, the new law will impact the way prescription drug trades are documented in the United States and preempt state laws for drug traceability, including California’s e-pedigree law.  This one hour session outlines the requirements of the DQSA, Title II, referred to as the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).

Bill Fletcher Continue reading

So what is Q Data’s ES+ all about?

ES+ Supply Chain Extended SolutionsQ Data’s Supply Chain Extended Solutions (ES+) is an implementation methodology covering some of the supply chain specific modules provided for by SAP including SAP EM, TM, OER / AII, GBT , … These are little known modules in SAP that pack a punch, especially the likes of SAP Event Management that provides organizations, that adopt it, with a tool to manage exceptions in their business processes and allows all interested parties to gain visibility in to said process…. Folks have been looking for that type of solution for their order to cash (OTC) and procure to pay (PTP processes for years, yet it’s been out there for 10 years already!!! We understand the tools that are available from SAP in the end-to-end Supply Chain space and we understand what it takes to put it in and get them working together with each other and ultimately for your organization… Continue reading

Q Data’s ES+ practice – What is it?

ES+ is an abbreviation we have been throwing out there for a while – I guess it’s time to explain what it means and why we’re in to it… ES+ = Supply Chain Extended Solutions. By Supply Chain Extended Solutions we refer to the implementation of the unique suite of tools that SAP provides to help manage the supply chain more efficiently. Continue reading