SAP Track and Trace solution – Part 1 – Outbound Logistics

Most organizations deal with the shipment of goods in to and out of their premises. With the increasing demand for a better customer experience it is a challenge to provide a high level of customer service when parts of your supply chain fall somewhat out of your “sphere of influence”. Sure, through contractual obligations, you can try and force your suppliers and carriers to behave in a certain way but as the old saying goes “stuff happens!”. If the supply chain breaks down outside of your 4 walls, are you aware of it? Do you have enough time between when you find out about the issue and the time needed to correct it? Do these issues in the supply chain cause disruption and potentially lead to lost customers and sales?

The key to remedying this issue was discussed back in the 1990’s and was termed Supply Chain Event Management – Give me the ability to monitor the events occurring THROUGHOUT my supply chain as and when they occur – Let me measure these events against what I had expected to occur and if it differs in any way let me know so that I can take proactive measures to correct it. Continue reading


SAP Event Management Use Cases – Part 2

In my 1st blog on use cases for SAP EM we took you through some of the use case for SAP TM, GTS and SNC as well as the highly popular Track and Trace where folks simply want to know, from their carriers or freight forwarders, that their goods are on time… Seems simple but SAP EM is the standard tool provided for by SAP to provide this functionality. Now let’s take a look at a few more use cases. Continue reading

TIP: ABAP code to add an Idoc to your application object

Sometimes you need to write ABAP code to generate an Idoc. With this new custom Idoc generation you would like to have it link to your SAP application object (E.g. Sales Order, Delivery, …) You would like to see your idoc linked to the Generic Object Services (GOS) display relationships service. Well here is the code needed to do just that… Continue reading

How can you forward an EDI 214 from your carrier to your end-customer in a drop-ship scenario?

In this blog I’ll describe how the process works to receive an inbound EDI 214 Carrier Status message and forward that on to the related customer. This scenario applies to any process where the carrier is sending us the 214 instead of the customer. Continue reading

Mapping IDocs to EDI messages (EDIFACT and X12)

I quite often get asked which IDoc corresponds to a particular EDI event message. I had to dig a little but here is quite a comprehensive list of the IDoc mapping to EDIFACT and X12 standard messages. Please let me know in the comments if I am missing any and I’ll update it.

Continue reading