SAP Track and Trace solution – Part 1 – Outbound Logistics

Most organizations deal with the shipment of goods in to and out of their premises. With the increasing demand for a better customer experience it is a challenge to provide a high level of customer service when parts of your supply chain fall somewhat out of your “sphere of influence”. Sure, through contractual obligations, you can try and force your suppliers and carriers to behave in a certain way but as the old saying goes “stuff happens!”. If the supply chain breaks down outside of your 4 walls, are you aware of it? Do you have enough time between when you find out about the issue and the time needed to correct it? Do these issues in the supply chain cause disruption and potentially lead to lost customers and sales?

The key to remedying this issue was discussed back in the 1990’s and was termed Supply Chain Event Management – Give me the ability to monitor the events occurring THROUGHOUT my supply chain as and when they occur – Let me measure these events against what I had expected to occur and if it differs in any way let me know so that I can take proactive measures to correct it. Continue reading


SAP Event Management Use Cases – Part 2

In my 1st blog on use cases for SAP EM we took you through some of the use case for SAP TM, GTS and SNC as well as the highly popular Track and Trace where folks simply want to know, from their carriers or freight forwarders, that their goods are on time… Seems simple but SAP EM is the standard tool provided for by SAP to provide this functionality. Now let’s take a look at a few more use cases. Continue reading

SAP Event Management Use Cases – Part 1

I often get asked how we can leverage SAP Event Management functionality. This is a great question because, after all, SAP EM is a tool that is delivered with SAP to provide end-to-end business process visibility and exception management. Much like you would leverage a workflow solution to enforce certain activities to take place at the right time by the right people, SAP EM is a tool to provide for this process visibility and exception management. Every Enterprise Architect should have SAP EM as an option in their toolkit. Continue reading

Data Migration with Governance using SAP Data Services Rapid deployment solutions

Data Migration with Governance using SAP Data Services Rapid deployment solutions

Register for this free webinar session covering Data Migration. The webinar will be held live on Thusday, May 8, 2014 at 11:00 AM CST. Questions regarding the subject and presentation itself, will be accepted and answered in this live presentation. To learn more about this webinar and others, visit the Q Data USA Resource Page. Continue reading

Q Data and Pharma

SAP Track and Trace in the Pharma Industry

On March 12th, Q Data USA hosted the 1st Annual Serialized Track and Trace seminar that focused on the pharmaceutical industry. As a follow up, the month of April will feature additional live webinar events regarding Serialized Track and Trace. Click here to register for the following sessions. Webinars begin on Thursdays at 11:00 AM CST. Continue reading