SAP Event Management Use Cases – Part 1

I often get asked how we can leverage SAP Event Management functionality. This is a great question because, after all, SAP EM is a tool that is delivered with SAP to provide end-to-end business process visibility and exception management. Much like you would leverage a workflow solution to enforce certain activities to take place at the right time by the right people, SAP EM is a tool to provide for this process visibility and exception management. Every Enterprise Architect should have SAP EM as an option in their toolkit.Q Data is the recognized world leader in SAP EM implementations with over 20 successful implementations spanning the globe from Canada, US, to Germany, Switzerland and Australia. We have a very deep background in the Supply Chain process and in particular the automation of it through EDI and the integration aspects needed from suppliers and for customers. Understanding these processes and how they integrate with each other allows us to be able to deliver unique solutions to our clients that include SAP EM as the overall “gatekeeper” of all that is good and evil in the process 😉

With that been said below is a list of processes that are making use of SAP EM to fill certain holes:

  1. Track and Trace – The extended supply chain has made it critical to understand when things are not going according to plan. Suppliers, carriers, freight forwarders all operating in different geographies all affect the ability for me to deliver to my customer on time, so what we see is more and more folks adopting SAP EM to track their products on shipments and check the estimated arrival / delivery times against the customer expected delivery date. IF there is a mismatch then raise an exception and begin the process to minimize it’s impact. Serialized Track and Trace is also a hot topic here and SAP Object Event Repository (OER) plays a big role here, but SAP OER just runs on the SAP EM platform!!! Yup, it’s a SAP EM scenario with a few unique pieces specific to serialization but all you need to know is that if you require to keep and maintain the pedigree of your serialized items then it must ultimately reside in SAP EM and inside SAP OER if you need EPCIS query and capture functionality together with centralized number range management. (Download a previously recorded webinar on SAP Track and Trace from Q Data’s website)
  2. Supplier Network Collaboration (SNC) – Within SAP SNC we use SAP EM to track Responsive Replenishment and the Procurement Process. Direct integration to the Alert Framework allows you to send exceptions directly to the supplier this always being ahead of any supply chain deviations to the plan are uncovered that affect a supplier
  3. Transportation Management (TM) – SAP Transportation Management handles order management, freight planning and tendering, freight execution and monitoring, freight settlement. Well, the execution and monitoring part of SAP TM is provided for by none other than SAP EM. Tied to carrier notifications (preferably via EDI 214, 315 messages) the status of pickup, departure, loading, unloading, arrival are all captured against the Freight Units. In SAP TM we also track Freight Orders, Freight Bookings, Resources, Instructions and Transportation Units. Below is a sample of what the Ocean Carrier Booking scenario looks like
  4. Global Trade Services (GTS) – SAP EM provides full visibility in to the customs operations process (Import and Export Documentation), once again by integrating in the related SAP EDI messages. Exception management is implemented to mitigate international trade activities that are performed outside the plan. An example SAP EM screen for Export Documentation tracking is shown below.

These are some exciting use cases for SAP EM but I’m leaving some of the best for next… I will write a follow up on this one to conclude the list. If you can’t wait check out our overview presentation on Slide share.

In the meantime comments are welcome.

Thank you – Kevin


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