SAP Application Interface Framework (AIF) described

Michal Krawczyk is the new AIF Genie so I thought I would share some of his findings for this new integration tool from SAP…

  • it’s a tool for monitoring all types of integration scenarios – IDOCs, ABAP proxies, RFCs, BAPIs
  • you can do some real-time monitoring (self refreshing – nice for support/basis teams)
  • you can search for messages (content) very easily – configurable
  • you can do authorizations on interface/field level for message display

Some addition info from Michal’s blogs:


One thought on “SAP Application Interface Framework (AIF) described

  1. Hi,

    Yes AIF fullfills a few promises that PI didn’t deliver in an efficient way for SAP inbound message patterns, but it is going back to ABAP in ECC and the validation should be how long does it take a decent developer to add some workflow and application log functionality in inbound processing in ECC?

    Yes i m still considering to use AIF in the current project as this is a greenfield implementation and i can shift execution from PI to ECC and prepare the organisation for this.The hard part will be to justify the migration of existing PI interfaces and integration scenario’s to AIF for existing sides .

    Frank vd Plas

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