TIP: A quick, but useful ABAP debugging tip

I have been ABAPing for over 17 years now but I only recently discovered this tip (2yrs ago now). I’m not sure when it came in to place and am almost embarrassed to say that I didn’t know it! Well, I thought I would share it with those other ABAPers that are in the dark with me and for those that new about this feature why not comment on another useful tip in the debugging space so we can learn from each other?

If you get to a point in the program that has gone too far in debugging and you want to retrace your steps by a few then in most cases it’s possible to do so…

                                  debug1 We’re on Perform Set_grid_fcatalog and we want to start again from   prepare_drilldown_value a few lines earlier.
  1. Click   on the line 27 with Perform prepare_drilldown_value
  2. Select   Debugger from the menu
  3. Select   Goto Statement (Shift F12)
    debug3 You then jump back to perform prepare_drilldown_value

Note: There are limitations to using this command but will often work in the situation we most need it… Not all variables are reset when you jump back so use it sparingly when trying to see how variables are being changed under certain circumstances.

Works great when executing a function module only to see that the error occurred in that function module so you want to go back to it so you can step inside to see where the error occurred.

Share other tips if you feel so inclined 😉


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