SAP Global Batch Traceability Overview

Across a wide range of industries, systems for managing product traceability are becoming essential. If you receive a customer complaint, or a supplier notifies you that materials already used in your manufacturing process were out of specification, you need to be able to quickly and cost-effectively take action. How will you determine which ingredients were used in a particular product batch, and where the finished products are now?

With SAP GBT, you can link finished goods with the raw materials and assets used for manufacturing to understand complex batch relationships, and to account for quantities produced – all the way to customer shipment. The application supports targeted product recalls and timely reporting, and can receive batch genealogy data from a single or from multiple SAP and non-SAP systems.

SAP GBT is delivered with a powerful browser-based graphical user interface which enables you to analyze the batch relations more quickly and to seamlessly drill down to the underlying data.

Product issues like escapes, withdrawals and recalls shouldn’t become a traceability nightmare. SAP GBT gives you all the information you need at your fingertips.


  • Reduced number of recalls made through the ability to quickly demonstrate where the affected product was consumed and thus affect targeted recalls
  • More efficient recalls leading to less environmental or health / safety impact through targeted recalls

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