Why post here?

“I will be posting my blogs / tips and tricks / how-to papers and news here going forward as SCN has become quite limiting in what they allow and how they allow it to be posted. It will remain a good place to go for your SAP issues but check back here if you are more interested in SAP integration, EDI, EM, TM, Supply Chain, GBT and Workflow…” Kevin Wilson – Q Data USA practice lead – Supply Chain Visibility

Kevin Wilson

Kevin Wilson


2 thoughts on “Why post here?

  1. Hi Kevin.
    Really. Apart from being dog slow, I thought SCN had actually become better. In any case, if you could do as I do, post a link to your blog on linked in, that would be great !Thanks

    • Pascal,

      SCN has gotten a lot better but the services they offer and the limitations they put on you is ridiculous so hence we need to venture out on our own as you have 😉 (see http://www.pascalrenet.com)

      Try posting a PowerPoint or word doc as a non-SAP employee to SCN.. You can’t. How about a video?
      Want to write a tip about a piece of ABAP coding and you’ll get a message that the blog is not the right place to do it…
      SCN is useful for news on what SAP is thinking and then also the forums are strong in the areas that I work in (and moderate). Blogging and wiki stuff, not so much…

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